Tasmanian Country - 26 Jun 2020

Table of content - Tasmanian Country (26 Jun 2020)

Great greens
It’s the people who made a great paper
Bush Telegraph
Rebecca Kelley with her fouryear-old son Frank Mausz at the Bream Creek Community Market Garden.
Holstein excellence continues
Quoiba saleyard closing
Boost to blackcurrant planting
Stock sales shake-up
Family tradition of excellence in black and white
Brakes on two more shows
New focus farm set to share its progress
Family’s sweet victory revives fruit heritage
Brassicas brace for fall from records
Energy program for dairy
Closing time on the coast
Big owners lose taste for land Down Under
Meat producers prepare for future challenges
Closing time on the coast
Green thumbs share the goodness
Rain delivers spring hopes
Farmers to the fore
– for four decades
More uses for state’s hemp
South soaked and stoked
Wool body faces job losses and levy shortfall
Inconvenient truth in the figures
Stores surge continues as local market heats
Stronger market for most lambs
Cattle index in record territory
Cattle market fully firm as butchers compete
Modern comfort, country style
Farm potential ready to fruit
Versatile farm close to town
Eyes on wine, lamb in UK deal
Lengthy wait on cheap farming loans

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